Outreach Messages

Thursday, May 28, 2020

WMPC provided grocery bags for a Memorial Day weekend food drive in the Hayes Barton neighborhood. The food drive was led by church member Terry Henderson and others. Bags were dropped off at houses and filled. Some even left full bags knowing they would be out of town over the weekend. The leaders drove around and picked up the bags, and, in all, they collected 4,100 pounds of food! The food was delivered to the food pantry at Wilson Temple UMC on Oberlin Road and Urban Ministries Food Pantry.

In honor of National Mental Health Month (May), we sent $1,000.00 to NAMI. The National Association for Mental Illness, a WMPC community partner, works with those who have extra needs during the COVID-19 isolation.

The Diaper Train, located at St. Saviour's Center, has reopened curbside pick-up for families in need of diapers. Diapers can be a large expense for families, and this allows them to have funds for other needs such as food and rent. We provided $1,000.00 for the purchase of diapers in bulk.

Sunday, May 31, is our Fifth Sunday Hunger Offering. This offering allows us to reach out to agencies with extra needs during this time. Please consider participating this Sunday.

The Pastor's Discretionary Fund is also able to offer extra funding for needs, so please consider participating anytime. This allows us to act quickly where needs are identified.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

We continue to provide extra financial support to our partner agencies thanks to the generosity of our congregation.
• This week the Presbyterian Women allocated $1,500.00 to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and two circles designated their funds for hunger relief efforts through WMPC.
• Healing Transitions was allocated $1,000.00 for food. They have had a drastic decrease of in-kind food donations while at the same time having to serve more meals at the Men's and Women's facilities.

We also continue to provide meals.
• We provided 1,000 take out plates to Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen
• We will continue our weekend meal distributions through the end of August at Wilson Temple from 12-1 each Saturday and Sunday. To volunteer reach out to .

• Some community agencies are opening back up on limited basis or will re-open soon. Please check their web-sites for the most up to date information with COVID -19 guidelines.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

1. The collection bins in front of Witherspoon continue to overflow. Currently, the items are helping the food pantry at Wilson Temple UMC on Oberlin Road. We are still only collecting food items and cleaning supplies as well as diapers for StepUp.

2. Saturday and Sunday’s since March 28 we have been serving lunch from the Wilson Temple parking lot at noon. We have given out 2340 meals to the community around Mayview. This effort has been embraced by Oberlin Baptist, Wilson Temple, White Memorial and Fairmont Methodist Churches, and we will continue through the summer. If you wish to volunteer please contact .

3. The Divan Center has invited us to join them for an online interfaith supplication event (praying time) on May 21, 2020 at 6:30 to share prayers in our faith. Faith leaders from various faith communities in the Triangle region, including White Memorial have been invited to share short prayers with us. The event will last around 45 minutes. To tune in and listen to the event, please click on the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/w24YL67TQm

4. Most of our outreach efforts have been financial since many agencies are not utilizing volunteers. However, we have been able to provide some needed take out meal supplies to Oak City Outreach and Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen who are no longer able to serve on site.

5. Extra Financial support over $20,000.00 from Fifth Sunday Hunger Offering, Outreach to Be Allocated and Pastor's Discretionary has been as follows:

$5,000.00 to Rise Against Hunger to pre-pay for a fall packing event and extra funding
$2,000.00 to A Place at the Table to sponsor 100 free meals on two different days.
$1,500.00 to Alliance Medical Ministry (matching grant =$3,000.00)
$2,000.00 to Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen
$1,000.00 to the Salvation Army to assist with off-site housing for residents
$3,000.00 to Food Bank of CENC by Presbyterian Women
$3,000.00 to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle by the Week-Day School
$1,000.00 to Habitat for Humanity (matching grant for families in need = $2,000.00)
$1,000.00 to Emmaus House for food (matching grant=$2,000.00)
$ 500.00 to Green Chair for beds and basic necessity delivery for other agencies
$ 500.00 to Inter-faith Food Shuttle for summer food program (matching=$1,000.00)
$ 500.00 to Food Bank of CENC (matching grant=$1,000.00)
$ 950.00 for food to Emmaus House, Shepherd's Table and Wilson Temple Pantry

6. We have been able to continue to send our 2020 grants to our community and international partners with priority given to those who work with food insecurities and medical care.

7. We have purchased 900 brown grocery bags for a food drive in the Hayes Barton Area through their neighborhood group.

8. White Memorial sponsors the Daniel’s Food Pantry and recently delivered perishable food left over to the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen for their take-out lunches.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Giving Tuesday was an extra opportunity to give to agencies many of which had matching grants that helped double the contributions:

$1,000.00 to Habitat for Humanity to assist Habitat families who need financial assistance right now
$500.00 to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle for Summer Kids Food Program
$500.00 to Green Chair who is providing children' s beds and delivery of other extra necessities
$500.00 to Food Bank of CENC who is providing food boxes for families

Since the youth were not in school, there was food left at the Daniels Food Pantry that we stock. The perishable food was taken to the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen for take-out lunches.

Brown grocery bags were purchased for a church member who is doing a food drive in the Hayes Barton area. The bags will go to hundreds of homes and the last time this was done it was a huge success.

2020 grant checks from the WMPC Allocations Committee were sent to:

NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness) for mental health programming and family support
Community Music School for students to have music lessons that otherwise could not afford them
GiGi's Playhouse for programming and education for those with Down's Syndrome
Note in the Pocket for providing clothing for a week for children and youth
Oak City Cares for homeless services including meals and health care

Many non-profits are beginning re-opening in small ways and may start to need volunteers, so if there is an agency that you would like to help please check their website or give them a call. St. Saviour's Center will re-open the Diaper Train on a limited basis and needs funds for diapers. They can buy in bulk which helps the dollars go further.


Thursday, April 30, 2020

Many thanks to all who continue to provide extra funding to WMPC to help our community partners beyond our regular grant commitments. If you would like to help please write a check to White Memorial and in the subject line put hunger (directly for hunger agencies) or Pastor’s Discretionary Fund (helps provide funding where needed).

The collection crates in front of Witherspoon continue to overflow! Currently needed: peanut butter, jelly and cereal. There is also a place for diapers for StepUp.

We are sending $5,000.00 to Rise Against Hunger to pre-pay for a packing event in October and extra to keep the food supply moving to the places where it is most needed.

We are sponsoring 100 free meals on two separate days to A Place at the Table in the amount of $2,000.00.

We are continuing to send our 2020 grants to our community partners. We are pleased that we are reaching people in many different ways.

The Diaper Train, a program of St. Saviour’s Center is providing diapers to its partner agencies for its program participants though on-site distribution is currently on hold. They can buy diapers in bulk, so they are asking for donations that will go further in purchasing needed diapers.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

A message from Gloria Johnson, Associate Pastor of Outreach
Inside Outreach
Many thanks to everyone who makes a donation to WMPC for hunger during this time. It allows us to get funds to those organizations who are working for the food insecure.

We want to give a shout out to US Foods, who supplies the food for WMPC. Last week we were able to purchase $900 of discounted food items from them. The items were nearing expiration dates or were over-stocked and they asked their regular customers if they knew who could use the food. Because of their offer we were able to use donated funds for:

(1) Emmaus House for men in recovery. This organization has five houses and some of the men have lost jobs and won't be able to pay rent to help with food expenses.

(2) Lots of chip products for bag lunches at Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen.

(3) Roast beef and sweet potatoes for the Wilson Temple Food Pantry on Oberlin Road.

A Place at the Table, a pay as you can cafe, has been serving many more free meals these days. Next week, we will sponsor $2,000.00 in meals in their Feed Raleigh Program.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A message from Gloria Johnson, Associate Pastor of Outreach
Inside Outreach
Most agencies in town are still on shut down, but we try to keep informed of community needs that change from day-to-day. Many have missed their spring fundraisers, so they are trying to make up for the shortfall. We are using funds to help in the most effective way that we can knowing that this financial struggle will not end any time soon.

This week:
• A check was sent to Alliance Medical Ministry who has a matching grant. They continue to work with established patients electronically, and they have a drive-through for prescriptions.

• Much needed weekend take-out meal supplies were delivered to Oak City Cares. Their weekend meals are being catered to avoid as much contact as possible, but they needed lunch bags, utensils, napkins, and individual hand wipes to complete the process. They are doing most of their care electronically to provide homeless services to those who already have many underlying health issues.

• Weekend meals were served through the government-sponsored meal program that we are co-sponsoring with Wilson Temple Methodist Church on Oberlin Road. Each Saturday and Sunday 150 meals are delivered for drive-by pick-up. This past Sunday we were also able to supply Interact and Helen Wright Center for Women an Easter lunch.

• We are continuing to send 2020 grant checks with an extra push to agencies that are providing services right now in the area of food and basic needs.

• We invite you to explore ways to volunteer through activategood.org. They have a need for volunteers to help configure 10,500 hot spots for Wake County Public School students.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A message from Gloria Johnson, Associate Pastor of Outreach
WMPC Outreach continues in creative, scaled-back ways to reach those who need services. Here are some ways your generosity has allowed us to help those in need over the past week:
• Because of the wonderful response to our Fifth Sunday Hunger Offering, we sent the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen another $2,000.00. Other funds will be sent over the next several days to our hunger partners. We purchased items to assist the Soup Kitchen and Oak City Cares as they move from inside seating to take-out meals.
• We sent $1,000.00 to the Salvation Army to assist in offsite housing for their resident families who can no longer be housed in groups onsite.
• We are arranging funds for Alliance Medical Ministry who is working with patients through technology. Our funds will be matched by the Steward's Fund.
• Collections continue in front of Witherspoon to help stock the pantry at Wilson Temple UMC. We request only basic food items be donated at this time.
• Over the last two weeks, we distributed 600 hot meals through a government-sponsored meals program. Meals are distributed from 12:00-1:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday in the Wilson Temple UMC parking lot on Oberlin Road.
• Our regular Let's Do Lunch for Raleigh Rescue Mission was not held as usual - but special thanks to Macy Aguirre, Food Service Director at WMPC, who delivered the items needed to pack seventy lunches so they could pack lunches onsite.
• We continue to send Community Allocations grant checks to our community partners who work in a variety of ways to serve our city.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A message from Gloria Johnson, Associate Pastor of Outreach
This past weekend WMPC, along with Oberlin Road Churches Wilson Temple UMC and Oberlin Baptist, helped kick off the government funded kids lunch program in the parking lot of Wilson Temple. During the week children are able to get free lunches at various school sites across the county. We picked up the program on the week end for West Raleigh, and the kids in our neighborhood are able to continue getting lunch. Of course, anyone can receive lunches if they come to the site no matter what their area. Many in the Oberlin/Mayview community were served, and the families staying at Interact across the street were delivered meals . We will continue this program as long as the schools are not in session.

The meals packed by Boston Market are brought to the site, and milk is provided for each meal. Families drive through the line, request the meals they need, and drive away. There is a table set up for walk-ups as well. We are outside and practicing social distancing, but we still feel close in the faith as we do what we can to help meet the need.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - Ministry Updates

Helen Wright Center (An Urban Ministries of Wake County Program) - 401 W. Cabarrus Street (downtown)
The women are now staying in the shelter 24 hours a day. They need lunches, snacks, drinks, games, books, gift cards for take-out, hygiene kits, bags of ice and dinners. They have limited refrigeration and storage. For lunches contact Evelyn Reade at or call 919-215-6948 and for dinners contact meal coordinator at .

The Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen
Church of the Good Shepherd across from the Capitol continues to serve several hundred lunches M-F. They no longer can offer the sit down hot meals but are offering bag lunches with items they have to purchase. Items needed are all-beef hot dogs/buns, mini bags of chips, cheese sticks, individual pudding/applesauce, brown lunch bags, and zip lock bags. Please deliver these items to the soup kitchen entrance at the corner of West Morgan and McDowell Streets from 9:00-1:00 Monday-Friday.

Food Distribution in Mayview/ Oberlin Road Area
Exciting news as there was no existing food distribution site in our area! Western Region Emergency Food Distribution is working with White Memorial and Wilson Temple to begin serving food to this area starting Saturday, March 28. We have the opportunity to help distribute free meals provided by Boston Market and the USDA feeding program. This program will serve meals on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 -1:00 in the grass parking lot next to Wilson Temple at 1023 Oberlin Road. Three (3) volunteers will be needed each day. This service will continue until students are allowed back in school. If interested in volunteering alongside other Oberlin Road church members, please contact Michelle Jeutter at 919-271-3344 or .

Stock the Pantry
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina and Wilson Temple Food Pantry are asking for donations of dry goods and shelf-stable items that can be provided to people to stock their pantries – foods that set them up for an extended period of time. The red donation bins are outside of the Witherspoon Building at WMPC. We will collect and distribute these items to our local food pantries.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A message from Gloria Johnson, Associate Pastor of Outreach
There are many agencies in town working hard to meet the increased demands for health care, food security, and other needs of the underserved. We invite you to check out their websites and find ways you can help. They often have wish lists and volunteer needs that might be met even with social distancing. Be proactive and let technology help you find where the greatest needs might be. This can change daily, so if you are having to stay at home, gather as much information about community needs as possible and share it with others. Many organizations are getting creative about how they are offering services, so find ways to help that match your comfort level.

We have placed two red bins in the front of the Witherspoon building. One for Food and one for Supplies. If you would like to add something to the bin to help neighbors in need you may do so without entering the building. We will collect and distribute. Thank you.