Pastoral Concerns

All of the WMPC pastors offer direct pastoral care for members and friends of the church. Contact a pastor directly or contact Rebecca Turner or Amy Claprood for help connecting with a pastor. Further, Rebecca coordinates pastoral care surrounding births, deaths and marriages. Please let us know of such events in the lives of our members.

Hospital Visitation
WMPC pastors visit hospitalized members most every day of the week. Please contact Amy Claprood to let us know where and when you are in the hospital so that we will know to make a visit. We share hospitalizations with our congregation so please tell us if you would prefer to keep your hospitalization confidential. Details of your hospitalization are, of course, kept in confidence by our church staff.

After Hours Pastor On Call
WMPC pastors are always available to our membership for pastoral emergencies. Because life events don’t always happen during regular office hours, we have a pastor on call evenings, weekends, and holidays. You can reach the pastor on call by dialing 919-605-4593; the pastor will respond as soon as possible, usually within the hour.

Pastoral Counseling Center
Robert Cooke is our on-site pastoral counselor. He is an experienced therapist with Triangle Pastoral Counseling, and he welcomes new clients regardless of affiliation with White Memorial Presbyterian Church. He will see clients in the counseling office on Mondays and Tuesdays, by appointment. Contact Robert via email or at 919-845-9977, ext. 202.