Caring for One Another

Caring for One Another

White Memorial members, staff and officers offer several way to support and care for one another, including:

Bereavement Care Team
The Bereavement Care Team provides services for grieving families, such as meals and hospitality needs, following a death. Team members reach out with Christian love and concern by providing food and greeting visitors during services of Witness to the Resurrection.
Contact: Jan Stewart

Angel Food
Angel Food Ministry is a caring group of church members dedicated to providing meals to those who have recently been discharged from local hospitals or have otherwise had an interruption in their daily lives. We strive to bring meals to members of all ages as a way to care for one another and lend ongoing support through difficult times. We are always looking for volunteers to join our Angel Food Ministry! No cooking experience necessary, just a desire to serve others.
Contact: Laura Bryant

The Transportation Team is a group of church members who provide rides to those in need. If you have a need, notify the office.
Contact Jean Williams, Parish Nurse.

New Baby Ministry
Each baby is welcomed to White Memorial by a home visit from the church. We follow up each month for the first year by providing information which includes topics on nurturing your child in our faith tradition, developmental milestones, and various parenting tips that can assist families as they welcome their new bundle of joy.
Contact: Tracey Daniel (staff)