Sunday School

Children's Sunday School Classes

There will be no Sunday school for Children or Youth from May 26–September 1. Nursery care will be available for babies and children through age 4.

Sunday School from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. resumes on  Sunday, September 8.

Contacts: Ages 2-5 - Gwen Whiteman (staff)
Grades 1-5 - Lynn Springfield (staff)

Welcome! White Memorial has a history of strong christian education programs for our children. Our goal is to nurture the education and spiritual loves of our children, and build relationships that help them feel connected to each other and to their church.


2 year olds: L203
3 year olds: L216, L220
4 year olds: L200, L201
Kindergarten: L301, L300
1st grade: L307, L311
2nd grade: L309, L310
3rd grade: K305
4th grade: K304, K306
5th grade: K307

Sunday School classes for children take breaks on these five holiday Sundays:
• Labor Day weekend
• Christmas
• New Year's
• Memorial Day weekend
• Sunday after Independence Day


The children’s 2019-20 Sunday School Offering Project will support StepUp families. StepUp is an organization that meets at our church and helps families who need a home, a job, food, transportation and more.


White Memorial is a Safe Sanctuary Community. We are called to create a community of faith were children, youth and adults grow safe and strong. All teachers and volunteers must complete Safe Sanctuary training and submit to a through background check.