Daniel's Middle School: Shopping with a Purpose

03.14.18 | Stories, Service

    In late spring 2015, the social worker at Daniel’s Middle School contacted Gloria Johnson to request help with the school’s food pantry for a month. The church that signed up for that month was not able to help. We were able to help, and after conversations with Daniel’s staff, we came to the wonderful conclusion that it was something we would love to continue doing.

    We learned that each week 35-40 students picked up a small grocery bag of food items for the weekend. The items are for two meals with vegetables and fruit, two breakfasts, and snacks. The request went out for volunteers to help shop, deliver, and stock the food pantry with these items.

    There was a great response, and a dozen or so people faithfully continue with this project about once a month. When it is time to shop, those that can help show up and provide as much time as they can that day. It is a great partnership with a school right down the street.

    If you might enjoy helping with this ministry, contact Gloria Johnson.