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 Embrace Generosity  
Time is truly precious! Time is given by God so freely but disappears so quickly. This stewardship season we will focus on time and how time resonates differently with all of us. How are we, as God's people, being called to spend our time and give our resources? How will it enhance our lives and help our church?

Our theme this year is "time to..." from Ecclesiastes 3. "There is a time for every purpose...a time generous." We have focused on 12 words that we feel it is "time" for in this church. They are:

Time to BE GENEROUS and time to GIVE       
Time to WORSHIP and time to REJOICE
Time to SERVE and time to DISCERN  
Time to EMBRACE and time to TEACH
Time to LOVE and time to CARE
Time to GO FORTH and time to PRIORITIZE

We are writing to ask that you consider participating in the life of White Memorial Presbyterian Church by making a commitment to the 2017 Stewardship Campaign.

We know that stewardship is not just one season, but a year round response that recognizes that everything is a gift from God. We know that stewardship is a response to God's love and faithfulness, not only financially, but in how we spend our time. We ask that people give proportionally and with joy in response to God's love.

Stewardship season officially begins September 18, 2016 and will run through Dedication Sunday which is October 30, 2016. We have great hope that you will be a part of this special time.

Making a commitment has never been easier. You may go online to or return the commitment card enclosed. You may pay your pledge or make a gift by check, bank draft, stock gifts, credit card or by a method that is new to us this year - text your gift.

Every single gift (no matter how much) is vital to our church. Please make your commitment today! If you have never made a pledge before, we ask that you commit to support the life and ministries at White Memorial in 2017. If you currently pledge, we thank you, and ask that you renew your pledge and consider increasing it for 2017.

Should you have any questions about the campaign, the Church's operations or budget, please feel free to contact any committee member or pastor.

We are excited and look forward to see how and where you will clock in this year!

You may complete your 2017 pledge card online.

Click here to print a pledge card to complete and mail.

The 2016-17 Stewardship committee:

Brooks Jordan, Chair
Jane Howard
Susu Lilly
David McGowan
William Silverman
Gregg Thompson
Christopher Edmonston     
Ellen Hall
Penn Holderness
Scott Manning
Liisa Ogburn
Doug Sprecher
Chris Wilson           
Gary Fulton