Milestone 8: Middle School

For students as they enter Middle School, the Middle School Milestone is a personal way our church recognizes, celebrates and guides Middle Schoolers through this important transition in their lives. Middle schoolers and their parents meet to acknowledge this transition by sharing a meal, and then separating into parent and student groups to hear experts in adolescent psychology coach them through the multitude of new social, familial, physical, spiritual and academic experiences they will face in middle school. Each parent presents his or her child with a faith stone featuring the words, "In God's Image" to remind the middle school student that they are indeed created in God's image and need to strive to preserve God's image in their lives. The Milestone Ministry Committee presents each student with a devotion book, Way To Live, to help guide them through these very important years.

Remembrance given at Milestone 8
A Faith Stone featuring the words, "In God's Image"
Way To Live, devotional guide

"Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness…"
Genesis 1:26