Families with Teens

Faith-forming Activities
This site has simple, yet powerful faith-forming activities and includes how-to videos for additional ideas. All activities fall into one of these six categories: Caring Conversation, Ritual & Tradition, Prayer, Bible Story, Serving Others, Learning About Faith. Go to Vibrant Faith Ministries for Teens

Activities for Caring Conversation from Vibrant Faith Ministries:

Music and Faith

Invite your teenager to think more about the music he or she listens to—and why. As a family, talk about the ways music can affect your choices and attitudes. 
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Musical Moments.
Music, like God, is an intangible mystery that speaks to us in deep and profound ways. Get to know a different side of family members by sharing music that has been influential in your life.
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Books written for Grades 9-12 (Ages 14-17)
Recommendations and reviews for connecting literature with our faith story. This site represents the work of students, faculty, staff and alumni/ae  involved in graduate theological education at Union Presbyterian Seminary. .

What to Expect?
This developmental overview covers what to expect in the intellectual, physical. social, emotional, and spiritual development of your children.
Ages 10-14         Ages 15-18