Family and Faith

What's here? Resources and articles that may help you in understanding and guiding your child and your family in faith. At White Memorial Presbyterian Church, we focus on the baptismal covenant, partnering with parents to help each child understand God’s purpose for his or her life.

How to Foster Seamless Faith
Traci Smith writes about incorporating spiritual practice into a family's routine. She writes, "Faith is learned when it’s woven seamlessly into the fabric of our everyday lives."

The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison
Book recommendation by Tracey Daniel: Katrina Kenison is a forty year old who feels a restlessness with where she finds herself and her family. She and her husband decide to follow “her heart”  and make some big changes. Kenison tells us about the inevitable changes that life brings and how her family copes and eventually thrives in them. Kenison puts into words what some of us have a difficulty expressing as she enters this time of midlife as a wife, mother and daughter.

How can we be spiritual in the home?  
Does this sound like a challenge to you? Start with simple ideas and integrate them with what you already do in the home. Child Speaks About Church
Down here….
Yes, thanks.  Hello.  It’s me.  I’m a kid in your church. Nice to meet you.
I’m sure you’ve seen me before.  I’m the one who sits with my family in front of you in worship every Sunday...
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What to Expect?
This developmental overview covers what to expect in the intellectual, physical. social, emotional, and spiritual development of your children.
Ages 0-2             Ages 3-5             Ages 6-9            Ages 10-14         Ages 15-18 

Ten most important things that Rebecca Kirkpatrick, a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), wants to tell parents as they work to strengthen the spiritual lives of their children. . Practices in Family Faith Formation  by John Roberto
This article explores family faith practice among religiously committed families. These studies will help us answer five questions.
1. How does family religious involvement benefit children, teens, and adults, and strengthen the family?
2. What is the impact of parental faith on children and teens?
3. How do families practice their faith at home?
4. What are the core family faith practices?
5. How can congregations engage in family faith formation?

Bread Not Stones provides resources and reflections that help you articulate and contemplate your own faith and the theology of your own tradition. 
Plus how parents can engage their children in meaningful conversations about God, the Bible and the Community of Faith.
Plus  "100 Things Your child Needs to Know Before Confirmation." and lots more.
 The Stories that Bind Us aka Your Family Story
"The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: Develop a strong family narrative." 

Vibrant Faith @ Home has an abundance of ideas and resources  to equip and empower families and individuals of all ages and stages to:
TALK with each other about their faith 
PRAY together in ways that are comfortable and comforting, 
RITUALIZE their important moments,
in service and support of others. You can subscribe for free.

Tips for Nurturing Prayer at Home to nurture the spiritual practice of prayer in your home: prayer rocks, prayer dice, prayer walks, doodle prayer and more.

Meal Prayers for all Occasions
Many families say grace before a shared meal, usually dinner. But what about the other times that we nourish our bodies? is an online bible website for looking up bible passages using keyword, topic or passage search criteria. It has so much more: devotions, articles, audio Bibles, Bible reading plans.