"We read scripture in order to be refreshed in our memory and understanding of the story within which we ourselves are actors, to be reminded where it has come from and where it is going to, and hence what our own part within it ought to be."
N. T. Wright

Devotions and Reading Scripture

Online Bible
This website is a terrific resource for looking up bible passages using keyword, topic or passage search criteria. It has so much more: devotions, articles, audio Bibles, Bible reading plans. Go to biblegateway.com.

Daily Lectionary Readings

The Daily Lectionary is arranged in a two-year cycle and provides for reading twice through the New Testament and once through the Old Testament during the cycle.The two-year Daily Lectionary comes from the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship. 
Read the daily devotion. You can also subscribe to have it sent to your email.
Get an app that sends the daily Lectionary reading to devotion format directly to your ipod/iphone. 
Devotion - D365
These devotions were written by people who work with and care for students. In these devotions, you will listen to awesome music and read honest struggles and questions, all in the context of real faith. As you read the thoughts of the writers, think about your own response to the scripture for the day. Let the writer’s words serve as background for your own conversation with God. Especially appropriate for teens and young adults.

Daily Devotional
Visit the Upper Room Daily Devotional. You can also subscribe (for a fee) to have the daily devotional delivered to your email, iphone or ipad. The hard copy of this devotional is available in the lobby of the Witherspoon building and costs $1.25. http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/Biblequote.jpg

Bibledex - Short videos for every book of the Bible

This is a pretty neat website. Bibledex is a project by the University of Nottingham's Department of Theology and Religious Studies in conjunction with video journalist Brady Haran. There is a brief 4-8 minute video for each book of the Bible. The videos aren't comprehensive - rather they're a curious assortment of academic insights into what is probably the most famous collection of books in history. 

Lectio Divina 
Lectio Divina is a Latin term that means 'divine reading.' It is an unhurried, contemplative reading of a portion of Scripture, that can give us a framework for opening up to experiencing God through Scripture, meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

Praying with Your Imagination
Do you ever imagine yourself in a scene for a Bible story? What do you notice? Which character are you in the story? What is your response to what is happening? What do you see? Feel? Say? Hear? Using your imagination to read scripture draws from a practice of reflection called Ignatian Gospel Contemplation.

Creighton University has an online ministry site with 
an excellent section and examples for imaginative prayer.  

In the video clip below, Fr. Jim Martin explains praying with your imagination: