Haiti Ministry

Travel to Haiti this Summer
First Presbyterian and White Memorial members will travel to Haiti June 14-21. Our projects will include running the Cite Soleil medical clinic, running a dental clinic at Cite Soleil, distributing reading glasses, re-roofing houses and more. We welcome adults, college students and high school youth (with a parent) who are flexible, willing to work hard, and interested in serving the Haitian community. There will also be spiritual and cultural opportunities, including attending church and experiencing Haitian culture. Trip information meetings will be held on Sunday, January 22, and Sunday, February 12, starting at 12:15 p.m. in the Ed Greer classroom located on the third floor at 112 South Salisbury St, Raleigh. For details, contact Carol Anne Moehring  or Chris Northup.

Haiti Secondary School Update

Haiti Trip Report: June 24-July 1, 2015

Six members of White Memorial, Jim Peterson, Judy Pidcock, Anna Morison, Bonnie Elam, Bill Baker and Diane Payne joined four members of First Presbyterian Church and church members from Denver, Wisconsin and Boston on a medical mission trip to Haiti in June. Under the leadership of Chris Northup, the team spent a week working at the medical clinic in Cite Soleil. http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/group-on-roof.jpg

The team had two cardiologists, two physicians assistants, a dentist, three nurses and 11 others who worked on a variety of tasks such as filling prescriptions, repairing roofs and distributing reading glasses. Team members also packaged vitamins and processed books for the library at the new school. Thanks to a generous donation of almost $3000 from our church we were able to repair the roof on the clinic so it no longer leaks!

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/IMG_1838.JPGOur medical team saw over 550 people, the dentist saw 64 people, the eye glass clinic staff distributed over 250 pairs of reading glasses and the construction team repaired roofs on the clinic and two homes. Needless to say, the people in Cite Soleil were very appreciative!

The team stayed at Wall’s Guest House in the new section that was built after the earthquake. We enjoyed air-conditioning and hot showers in our rooms and good food with lots of fresh pineapple, mango and watermelon.

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/IMG_1836.JPGOne of the many highlights of the trip was seeing the new school which will open in September. It was amazing to see the progress that has been made during recent months! The roof is on, the outside of the school has been painted and the interior walls have received one coat of paint. The commodes, railings and windows are installed and the workers were putting shelves in the library while we were there. The student desks, purchased with funds from the Women’s Retreat offering, have arrived and are waiting for their students to begin using them!

Thank you, White Memorial for your prayers and your continued support of Haiti Outreach Ministries, our mission partner!


Report on the Secondary School in Haiti - January 2015

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/Bldg-Front.jpgThe dream of a secondary school for students who currently attend schools operated by Haiti Outreach Ministries is becoming a reality! The first floor classrooms are almost finished. Workmen poured the concrete for the second floor last week. (Over 75 Haitians participated in a bucket brigade to get the concrete to the second floor!) Plumbing will begin next month as will construction of the student restrooms and a room for the generator. Electrical work will take place in March. The water treatment area has been constructed. The cows and goats are keeping the grass mowed. It’s all very exciting!

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/Pastor-Leon.jpgThe school will open on Monday, September 7, 2015 and the dedication/celebration of the opening will take place on Saturday, September 12.

The school will open with seventh grade only. Students will come from current sixth grade classes in HOM schools along with new students from the community.

We are most grateful that the offering at the Women’s Retreat will help fund desks for the students!

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/Workmen.jpgParents of students attending the school will be required to pay a co-pay with the remainder of the cost of tuition coming from sponsorships of students. (The cost of sponsoring a student in secondary school is $50.00 per month or $600.00 per year.) For information on sponsorships please visit the HOM website at www.HaitiOutreachMinistries.org or contact Diane Payne.

White Memorial has been a wonderful supporter of Haiti Outreach Ministries and the construction of the first module of the secondary school! Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support!

WMPC Sponsors the Education of Thirty Haitian School Children! 
The Haiti Committee is pleased to announce that WMPC is now sponsoring 20 additional children, for a total of 30 children, who attend Blanchard School in Haiti. The school is one of the four schools under the umbrella of Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM), one of our mission partners. Pastor Leon Dorleans is Executive Director of HOM, and his wife, Jacky, is Superintendent of Schools. Their daughter, Nadege, served as principal of the school until this fall when she left to attend Salem College to complete her degree.

The children are in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. We hope to continue to sponsor them through high school and also hope they will attend the new high school in the Blanchard community. Our church is currently raising funds to build the high school as part of our Major Mission project.

You can see full size photos of these and the other children being sponsored in the display case in the Connector. We are very grateful to our church for your generosity in sponsoring these children! Thank you for your support and your prayers for our children! 



Haiti Ministry
We share ministry in Haiti with three mission partners: Haiti Outreach Ministry, Family Health Ministry and Presbyterian missionary Mark Hare. Outreach Ministry (HOM)
Haiti Outreach Ministry (HOM) supports four churches with school and clinic outreach programs. The work is near Port au Prince in the communities of Blanchard, Cite Soleil, Ibo Beach and Repatriote. Pastor Leon Dorleans, a frequent visitor to White Memorial, is the Field Director. He is assisted by Pastor Luc Aristhene, and Jacky Dorleans, who serves as School Superintendent. Nadege Gay serves as principal and librarian of the school at Blanchard.

Over 3,000 people worship weekly in the four churches. At church sites, HOM provides primary schooling for approximately 1000 students who attend schools at Ibo Beach, Blanchard and at Cite Soleil. Construction on a school at Repatriote is currently underway with the goal of completion of the first school module in time for school opening in October. Scholarships are provided for students who pass the national exams after completing sixth grade so they can attend a secondary school.  HOM also provides vocational training to adults and offers computer training, sewing/tailoring, and English classes.

The clinics, one at Blanchard funded by Family Health Ministries (FHM), and one at Cite Soleil, built through a partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, enhance ministry. Haitians and volunteer mission teams staff the clinics. HOM also has a partnership with Stop Hunger Now and operates a nutrition program for the children who attend the schools and for people in the community.

Post earthquake, HOM has been active in recovery and reconstruction efforts. Numerous projects are underway including work on a food storage building at Cite Soleil, completion of the work on the clinic there, and building a school module at Repatriote. Work will soon begin on reconstruction of the Repatriote church that was destroyed in the earthquake. Since the earthquake, 140 homes have been rebuilt, with the help of volunteers including some from White Memorial.

This summer land was purchased for a new secondary school at Blanchard. Pastor Leon Dorleans’ dream is to build a school on this site so that the children who finish at the primary school will be able to continue their education close to home. We are hoping to assist Pastor Leon with a fundraising effort this year.

For additional information about HOM visit their website at www.haitioutreachministries.org.

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/FHMSign300x250.jpgFamily Health Ministries (FHM)
Family Health Ministries (FHM) focuses on preventative medicine with the goal of building healthy families.  The organization works with underserved communities in Haiti (Blanchard, Fondwa, and Leogane).

Among their efforts are the screening, prevention, and treatment of cervical cancer, supporting public health clinics at Blanchard Clinic and in the community of Leogane, providing emergency food and medicine, and a nutrition program for children. FHM also supports a school and an orphanage in Fondwa and has a partnership with Christian Community Church in Cite Soleil, providing support including pastoral salaries and Bibles for parishioners. FHM also holds a Vacation Bible School each summer for children in the communities.

Blanchard Clinicis located on the same property as a school and serves approximately 400 patients a month.  FHM recently initiated a nutrition program for children aged 6 to 59 months. The school in Fondwa for 550 students in pre-K through grade 13, was destroyed during the earthquake. Reconstruction is underway.  The children are currently attending school in temporary buildings.

This summer FHM completed the construction of a home for teachers in Fondwa. (Many of the teachers at the school lived in Port-au-Prince and had a long commute to the school.) With the construction of the home, teachers will now have a place to stay in the community while they are teaching.

FHM has affiliation with Duke University and as a result Duke students participate in programs such as Duke Engage, an 8-week summer program. They also serve on mission teams as well as support research and service projects. In August FHM began construction on a guesthouse in Leogane. It will be named in honor of Nancy Feree-Clark, former associate dean and pastor of the congregation at Duke Chapel. Completion date is April 2012. 

The 2011 mission team visited with Dr. Delson Merisier at the FHM clinic in Leogane where women are tested for the cervical cancer-causing virus, HPV. (Since 2005 more than 10,000 women have been tested.)

FHM wants to expand clinic services into a full-fledged hospital. The nearest public hospital is almost two hours away, so the dream of Leogane Family Health Center will make health care accessible for the community. FHM owns the land for the healthcare center and fundraising is underway to raise two million dollars for completion of the first phase of the project, a surgery unit for emergency C-sections and neonatal care. Plans are for the groundbreaking to occur in the spring of 2012.

FHM has worked in Haiti for 17 years and has 70 Haitian employees and 11 US employees and an operating budget of $1.2 million. For additional information about FHM visit their website at http://www.familyhm.org. or contact them at their office in Durham at (919) 382-5500.

Mark and Jenny Harehttp://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/Hares300x230.jpg

Mark and Jenny Hare are PC (USA) mission workers who have served an agricultural ministry in rural Haiti. They work with MPP, or the Farmer’s Movement of Papaye (MPP, for its initials in Creole), which develops projects that help Haitian families produce the food they need while also protecting the environment. MPP began as a farmers’ organization with just a few members and is now a grassroots movement of thousands of community groups throughout Haiti.

Mark serves with the Road to Life Yard and Moringa production projects at the MPP training center in Papaye, near the town of Hinche in the central plateau of Haiti. Mark and the crew leaders who work with him have developed a small area of land on which they manage goats and chickens, plant fruit and other types of trees, and grow vegetables, many in old tires that are raised above the ground out of the reach of goats and chickens.  Mark and his crew provide workshops to train Haitian families on the techniques they have developed and to learn how to set up their own yard gardens and grow vegetables to supply food for their families.  This project is called “The Road to Life Yard.”

Mark and the crew leaders also work on a Moringa production project. The Moringa tree has highly nutritional, edible leaves that have a variety of uses. For example the leaf is a source of protein and other nutrients and the leaf powder is used as an inexpensive diet supplement to reduce malnutrition.

Jenny, who is trained in medical technology, established a medical lab at MPP’s rural clinic and began providing a variety of tests, including tests for malaria, typhoid and HIV Aids. She worked with a woman from the community who became Jenny’s apprentice so she can conduct the tests as well.  Recently MPP was able to hire a trained lab technician and a new doctor arrived to begin his year of national medical service at the clinic.

Mark and Jenny’s missionary work is expanding. For additional information about the work Mark and Jenny are doing visit their blog site at http://markandjenny--pcusa.blogspot.com.