Congregational Care

Pastoral Concerns

All of the WMPC pastors offer direct pastoral care for members and friends of the church. Contact a pastor directly or contact Rebecca Turner or Amy Claprood for help connecting with a pastor. Further, Rebecca coordinates pastoral care surrounding births, deaths and marriages. Please let us know of such events in the lives of our members. Pastoral care is also offered through:

Hospital Visitation
After Hours Pastor On Call
Pastoral Counseling Center

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Caring for One Another

White Memorial members, staff and officers offer several way to support and care for one another, including:

Bereavement Care Team
Friendly Visitors
Martha Ministry
New Baby Ministry

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Cancer Companions

Cancer Companions is a ministry dedicated to helping people dealing with cancer to draw closer to Christ. This includes those currently being treated for cancer, those post treatment, their loved ones, and their caregivers.

Cancer Companions offers nine week classes called “Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey" in the fall and again beginning in February each year. A new session begins September 23 and runs through November 18. The topics covered are Faith, Questions, Healing, Prayer, Stress reduction, Relationships, Communication and Healthy living. Cancer affects many people in our lives. Please consider contacting Mary Ann Poole or Jean Williams, Parish Nurse, to find out how Cancer Companions might assist you in this difficult time.

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Companion Animal Ministry

This ministry cares for White Memorial members’ companion animals in times of a crisis or an emergency and collaborates with other groups to promote care and concern for God’s creatures. Animal-loving volunteers are welcome. Companion Animal Ministry also sponsors a Blessing of the Animals service, which is usually held in October.
Contact: Grier Richards (staff)

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Grief Support

WMPC offers occasional grief support workshops to help you name and address your grief. These workshops provide an opportunity to learn about grief and to give and receive support in the company of others experiencing grief. If you are interested in attending an upcoming session contact: Robert Galloway (staff)

Health Ministries

Convinced that our bodies are our gift from God, the ways we care for our physical selves becomes as important as the ways we care for our spiritual selves. White Memorial's Health Ministries team sponsors a variety of education and support opportunities to encourage members and friends to care for their bodies.
Contact: Jean Williams (staff)

Exercise Classes
Exercise Classes are offered as a way to support the congregation in caring for their physical selves.

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Milestone Ministry

Milestone Ministry is a way for our church to recognize marker’s along life’s path bringing awareness of God’s presence. Contact: Tracey Daniel (staff)

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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry offers prayer-based support, education and leadership for the congregation's prayer life.
Contact: Cate Church Norman (staff)

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Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry. The program equips and empowers lay care givers, called Stephen Ministers, to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. To learn more about Stephen Ministry at White Memorial, contact Anne Ramsay or Robert Galloway (staff).

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