About Milestone Ministry

Milestone Ministry
White Memorial has been marking milestones for many years. Some of the milestones that we currently recognize include birth, baptism, first Bible presentation, welcoming children to worship, welcoming children to the Lord’s Supper, confirmation, marriage, divorce, career transition and witness to the resurrection. Milestone events happen from the beginning of life to the end of life. There are church-based milestones, family-based milestones and life-stage milestones. Milestones can include a variety of significant events such as receiving a driver’s license, graduation, becoming an empty nester, grieving the death of a friend or spouse, welcoming a new baby or grandchild, and many other important times in our lives. When we celebrate a milestone we recognize God's presence in all of life. 

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/MilestoneFamily-500x450.jpgWhat is Milestone Ministry?
Milestone Ministry is a way for our church to recognize marker’s along life’s path bringing awareness of God’s presence.Marking a milestone can be a spiritual practice that connects the home and church encouraging lifelong discipleship. Milestone Ministry helps us see that God is present in all times and experiences in our lives.

http://www.whitememorial.org/uploads/BoyWithStone.jpgA Biblical Example of Marking a Milestone
The story of Noah and the flood in Genesis 7:11-9:17 is an example of marking a milestone. The flood was a significant life event for Noah and his family. The flood represents both an ending and a beginning. The event is recognized and given a name, God’s presence in the event is celebrated by the faith community through the building of an altar, and the event is marked and remembered by the rainbow.

Congregational Care and Discipleship
Part of offering care to one another is recognizing where a person is on his or her life journey. Milestone ministry is one way for us to name, equip, bless and mark a special time in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. As a family of faith we support one another when we acknowledge what is happening in our individual lives. Milestone Ministry helps us to recognize and remember that in all of life God is present with us. As believers we strive to interpret life’s milestones through the lens of faith. Milestone Ministry is a vehicle to provide congregational care and encourage life-long discipleship.

Components of a Milestone
  • Name - Recognize the significant time by naming the milestone.
  • Equip - Offer support, education and nurture that is relevant to the milestone.
  • Bless - Proclaim and celebrate God’s presence in the milestone.
  • Mark - Give a tangible reminder of the milestone.