Martha Ministry
Have you ever realized how sometimes the very simplest things seem to be the hardest? Like needing a ride to the doctor or a chemo treatment? Wishing you didn’t have to figure out supper because you are in the middle of a "hard time" with a sick child? Needing someone to pick up items from the store because your aging parent no longer drives and your work load is overwhelming? Simple things that have become burdensome.

Yet, on the flip side, you realize you would be happy to volunteer for a simple task, no long-term deal. With a little bit of planning in your day, you would like to do a simple kindness. You want to connect and give back.

Martha Ministry is just that sort of ministry - one you can reach out to for a bit of help or to find an opportunity to "give back" a bit of your time.

Watch over the next few weeks as our Martha Ministry begins to redefine our program to become:

Martha Ministry provides assistance needed when events have seriously interrupted daily household functioning in families of all ages and compositions.

Contact: Christina Allen or Mary Ward Boerner