Imagine Campaign

We invite you to Imagine and join us for one of the group meetings to learn about the transformation ahead. See drawings of our new facilities, learn how these facilities will work for us and our community and what it will take for us, with prayerful commitment, to turn these plans into a reality. We need your help to accomplish this vital transformation!

If you have questions about the campaign contact Nancy Benninger, Campaign Coordinator at ext. 267 or by email.


Imagine Campaign Booklet

Imagine Campaign Commitment Form
You may fill out the commitment form manually or electronically. Then either:

Print the form and mail to:           
Jody Grayson
White Memorial Presbyterian Church 
1704 Oberlin Road
Raleigh, NC 27608
Fill out the form electronically, save the form
and email to Jody Grayson at

Gerald Roach, Chair of Imagine: Giving Our Best to God
Building Committee Members
Robert Paschal, chair
William Allen
Allison Glenn
Allen Jones
Joe Lemanski
Cissy Livengood
Margaret Weaver
Tom Davis
Christopher Edmonston and Gary Fulton, staff            

Capital Campaign Committee Members
Mary Bossong
Kristye Brackett
Lyn Maness           
Danita Morgan, chair
Margie Pipkin
Lacy Presnell
Blair Schrum
Libby Staub
Linda Turner
Christopher Edmonston, staff