Haiti Ministry

We share ministry in Haiti with three mission partners: Haiti Outreach Ministry, Family Health Ministry and Presbyterian missionary Mark Hare.

Haiti Outreach Ministry (HOM)

Haiti Outreach Ministry (HOM) supports four churches with school and clinic outreach programs. The work is near Port au Prince in the communities of Blanchard, Cite Soleil, Ibo Beach and Repatriote. Pastor Leon Dorleans, a frequent visitor to White Memorial, is the Field Director. He is assisted by Pastor Luc Aristhene, and Jacky Dorleans, who serves as School Superintendent. Nadege Gay serves as principal and librarian of the school at Blanchard.

Over 3,000 people worship weekly in the four churches. At church sites, HOM provides primary schooling for approximately 1000 students who attend schools at Ibo Beach, Blanchard and at Cite Soleil. Construction on a school at Repatriote is currently underway with the goal of completion of the first school module in time for school opening in October. Scholarships are provided for students who pass the national exams after completing sixth grade so they can attend a secondary school.  HOM also provides vocational training to adults and offers computer training, sewing/tailoring, and English classes.

The clinics, one at Blanchard funded by Family Health Ministries (FHM), and one at Cite Soleil, built through a partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, enhance ministry. Haitians and volunteer mission teams staff the clinics. HOM also has a partnership with Stop Hunger Now and operates a nutrition program for the children who attend the schools and for people in the community.

Post earthquake, HOM has been active in recovery and reconstruction efforts. Numerous projects are underway including work on a food storage building at Cite Soleil, completion of the work on the clinic there, and building a school module at Repatriote. Work will soon begin on reconstruction of the Repatriote church that was destroyed in the earthquake. Since the earthquake, 140 homes have been rebuilt, with the help of volunteers including some from White Memorial.

White Memorial sponsors the Education of Thirty Haitian School Children! The Haiti Committee is pleased to announce that WMPC is now sponsoring 30 children, who attend Blanchard School in Haiti. The school is one of the four schools under the umbrella of Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM), one of our mission partners. The children are in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. We hope to continue to sponsor them through high school. You can see full size photos of these and the other children being sponsored in the display case in the Connector.

For additional information about HOM visit their website at haitiom.org.

Family Health Ministries (FHM)

Family Health Ministries (FHM) focuses on preventative medicine with the goal of building healthy families.  The organization works with underserved communities in Haiti (Blanchard, Fondwa, and Leogane).

Among their efforts are the screening, prevention, and treatment of cervical cancer, supporting public health clinics at Blanchard Clinic and in the community of Leogane, providing emergency food and medicine, and a nutrition program for children. FHM also supports a school and an orphanage in Fondwa and has a partnership with Christian Community Church in Cite Soleil, providing support including pastoral salaries and Bibles for parishioners. FHM also holds a Vacation Bible School each summer for children in the communities.

For additional information about FHM visit their website at http://www.familyhm.org. or contact them at their office in Durham at 919-382-5500.

Mark and Jenny Hare

Mark and Jenny Hare are PC (USA) mission workers who have served an agricultural ministry in rural Haiti. They work with MPP, or the Farmer’s Movement of Papaye (MPP, for its initials in Creole), which develops projects that help Haitian families produce the food they need while also protecting the environment. MPP began as a farmers’ organization with just a few members and is now a grassroots movement of thousands of community groups throughout Haiti. Mark serves with the Road to Life Yard and Moringa production projects at the MPP training center in Papaye, near the town of Hinche in the central plateau of Haiti. Mark and the crew leaders who work with him have developed a small area of land on which they manage goats and chickens, plant fruit and other types of trees, and grow vegetables, many in old tires that are raised above the ground out of the reach of goats and chickens.  Mark and his crew provide workshops to train Haitian families on the techniques they have developed and to learn how to set up their own yard gardens and grow vegetables to supply food for their families.  This project is called “The Road to Life Yard.”

Mark and the crew leaders also work on a Moringa production project. The Moringa tree has highly nutritional, edible leaves that have a variety of uses. For example the leaf is a source of protein and other nutrients and the leaf powder is used as an inexpensive diet supplement to reduce malnutrition.

Jenny, who is trained in medical technology, established a medical lab at MPP’s rural clinic and began providing a variety of tests, including tests for malaria, typhoid and HIV Aids. She worked with a woman from the community who became Jenny’s apprentice so she can conduct the tests as well.  Recently MPP was able to hire a trained lab technician and a new doctor arrived to begin his year of national medical service at the clinic.

Mark and Jenny’s missionary work is expanding. For additional information about the work Mark and Jenny are doing visit their blog site at http://markandjenny--pcusa.blogspot.com.