Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are the church offices open?
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Thursday there is lobby and library access until 9:00 p.m. Saturday mornings there is classroom access from 8:30 a.m. - noon.

Telephone: 919-834-3424
Fax: 919-829-0139
Pastor On-call: 919-605-4593
Weekday School: (919) 834-4637
Weather Hotline: (919) 834-3425 ext. 315

How do I find out if inclement weather has impacted scheduled events?
Call the Weather Hotline at (919) 834-3425 ext. 315 or check the website for weather alerts.

Pastoral Services

Who do I contact if a loved one is hospitalized?
Call Sarah Clapp at 919-834-3425 ext. 210.  If you have an after-hours emergency, call the pastor on-call number at 919-605-4593.

Who do I call if there is a death in my family?
Call Rebecca Turner at 919-834-3425 ext. 222. If you have an after-hours emergency, call the pastor on-call number at 919-605-4593.

Who do I call when my baby is born?
Call Rebecca Turner at 919-834-3425 ext. 222.

How do I schedule a wedding at White Memorial? Do I have to be a member of the church?
Only church members and immediate family members of church members may schedule weddings at White Memorial. Scheduling demands do not permit us to accommodate non-member weddings. To schedule a wedding date, contact the pastor's assistant, Rebecca Turner, at 919-834-3425, ext. 222. Weddings are scheduled on a first come first served basis. guide is available for all potential wedding couples.

How do I schedule a baptism?
Call the pastor's assistant, Rebecca Turner, 919-834-3425, ext. 222, to schedule a date. Baptismal conferences are scheduled the week before the baptismal date. A booklet of information will be given to you at the baptismal conference.

How do I pre-plan a funeral?
A booklet entitled Preparation and Planning for Death is available by contacting the Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care, Sarah Clapp, at 919-834-3425, ext. 210.

Member Information

How do I update my address or contact information?
Call Elizabeth Viohl, at 919-834-3425, ext. 206.

How do I get an electronic version of the Church Directory?
Church members may
request an electronic version of the church directory.

Do I need reservations for Spaghetti Supper?
No! Just come.

Do I need reservations for Wednesdays Together?
Yes! Call the church office by noon on the Tuesday prior to Wednesday, make your
reservation online, or you may make standing reservations.

May non-member children participate in summer programs like Vacation Church School?
Due to the size of our congregation, we are unable to enroll children whose parents are not church members unless the children are regular participants in Church School.
How can I find out more about WMPC?
An excellent history of the church, written in celebration of the 50th anniversary on 1996, is available in the church library. To know more about the operational structure of the church, see the Manual of Operations, available in the church library.
Are there special jobs that I can volunteer to do?
Yes - our receptionists, ushers and greeters are volunteers. Volunteers maintain the Memorial Garden, keep the sanctuary neat, arrange and deliver flowers to shut-ins, assist with mass mailings, and stuff newsletters. Many help with youth trips or decorate bulletin boards. There are many ways to share your talents at White Memorial!
Contact: Elizabeth Viohl at 919-834-3425, ext. 206.

How can I support the church financially?
Gifts can be made to support the operating budget of the church by contacting the Director of Finance, Jody Grayson, at 919-834-3425, ext. 204.
Pledges and gifts may also be placed in the offering plate during a Sunday worship service.

How can I make a memorial gift?
Memorial gifts can be arranged by contacting the Director of Finance, Jody Grayson, at 919-834-3425, ext. 204.

Are there funds that support the work of the church to which I can contribute?

Yes - We have a
list of funds to which you may contribute.

Worship Information

How do I get a copy of a sermon?
CDs of Sunday services, including the sermon, are available for $3. Call Walter Wilkerson at 919-834-3425, ext. 225 to order. Printed copies of recent sermons are available in the Narthex of the Sanctuary and the lobby of the Witherspoon Building. Most sermons can be found in video or audio format on our
website Sermon Archive.

How do I place flowers in the sanctuary during worship services?
Call Rebecca Turner at 919-834-3425 ext. 222.

Where do I park?
There is parking on McDonald Lane and in a lot off Colonial Road.  There is additional parking off Dover Road across from the Sanctuary.  If parking lots are full, please be a good neighbor when parking on the street.  Do not park too close to driveways and intersections.   Another option is to ride the Shuttle. Shuttle service begins at 8:45 a.m. every Sunday morning and runs from Carolina Place at 2626 Glenwood Avenue.

Facility Questions

How do I schedule a room at White Memorial?
Schedule meeting spaces by calling the office manager, Colleen Aguirre, at 919-834-3425, ext. 202. Outside groups may schedule space if they are a non-profit organization sponsored or supported by one of our church committees, on a space available basis. Priority is given to church programs.

How do rooms get set up for meetings, dinners, retreats, or other events?
When planning events that involve a meal, coordinate the meal with the Director of Food Services, Macy
Aguirre. Room setups are handled by filling out a maintenance request form (yellow). This can be done with our Office Manager, Colleen Aguirre, 919-834-3425, ext. 202. Detailed setups are best handled in person by appointment with Colleen.

How do I reserve audio-visual equipment such as a TV/DVD?

Call Jessie Carroll at 919-834-3425, ext. 220.

How do I get copies made?
When at the church during weekdays, you may check in the print shop (W118) and see if Walter Wilkerson can make copies for you. Otherwise walk-up copies of a limited number can be made on the copier on the third floor of the Witherspoon Building. Don't hesitate to ask support staff for help.

Who may use a church van?
Vans are scheduled for use by any committee or ministry of the church. Drivers must be licensed in the state of North Carolina, be members of the Presbyterian Church, and be between the ages of 25 and 70.

What is the newsletter deadline?
The deadline for newsletter articles is noon on Tuesday, two weeks before the newsletter publication date. Articles must be approved by the appropriate program staff member, who will then submit them to the newsletter editor, Debra Seifer by email.

Where is lost and found?

If you have left an article of clothing in the Knox or Luther Buildings, you may find it hanging on a hook in the halls by the nursery. Other items are generally brought to the Witherspoon lobby and placed in the receptionist desk drawer or in the drawers of the secretary desk under the staircase. Clothing lost in the Witherspoon or Calvin Buildings will also be in the secretary.