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Primary Mission Partner - StepUp Ministry

Career Transitions Changes Location
In a partnership between White Memorial, StepUp Ministry and St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, meetings of Career Transitions – StepUp (formerly WMPC Career Transitions Support Group) will move to St. Michael’s, 1520 Canterbury Road, Raleigh, beginning Thursday, May 8. “We are grateful for the support WMPC has given to the establishment and growth of this program since 2008 and that they have agreed to continue hosting the counseling and workshop sessions of CTS. We also look forward to being able to serve our participants at St. Michael’s,” said Linda Nunnallee, executive director of StepUp Ministry. Meetings at St. Michael’s will be on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in Parish Hall. For meeting details, contact

Find more about Career Transitions below. Sunday, January 19, 2014, Sharon Guess participated in Wheels4Hope which is a faith-based organization dedicated to providing affordable, reliable transportation to low-wage individuals and families. Through hard work and determination, Sharon saved and purchased a vehicle which was dedicated by blessing on Sunday.

White Memorial sponsored Sharon's Wheels4Hope car and hosted the blessing with the congregation on StepUp Sunday. The $500 donated by White Memorial Presbyterian Church was used towards the cost of repairing Sharon's 2001 Dodge Intrepid. 

Sharon Guess has two boys. She works full-time and has not owned her own vehicle in 10 years! Sharon graduated from StepUp’s Life Skills Program in Dec 2013 and plans to start the Alumni Program soon. Sharon is currently sharing a vehicle with her mother.

"Getting a Wheels4Hope means THE world to me! It would allow me to:
1) Own my very own car with no monthly payments
2) Allow me to get back and forth to work
3) Allow me to get my kids to and from their various programs
Most of all it will give me so much freedom for my kids and I besides sitting at home all the time when not working or in school to get out and go places."

Want to learn more or how to be involved? Visit

Additional information on Wheels4Hope can be found at It is important to note that they provide the greatest tax advantage for donated cars!

StepUp Ministry
In June 2007, White Memorial and StepUp affirmed each other as Primary Mission Partners. StepUp’s offices are on the church campus and the Tuesday evening meals and classes take place in the church facilities. Many church members volunteer in the StepUp program and the church provides financial support to StepUp

StepUp Ministry is an interfaith community that prepares adults and children who are ready and to make positive changes in their lives to become stable.

Program participants follow a series of steps to achieve their goals:

Job Training and Placement: Participants enter StepUp through a mandatory, 35 hour, week-long job training experience. The curriculum develops communications skills, teaches conflict resolution, reflective listening techniques, interview skills and job retention. Participants graduate with a current resume, personal interview training and clothing appropriate for job interviews. After successfully completing job training, StepUp employment counselors assist participants with job placement.

Life Skills: Once employed, the StepUp participants are eligible to apply for the yearlong Life Skills training. This four phased, incentive driven curriculum offers weekly classes covering goal setting, financial literacy, personal responsibility and development, vocational development, physical and mental health, and ready-to-rent classes. Adult life skill participants are required to bring their children.

Children’s Program: This intense curriculum, for children of Life Skills participants, is designed to break the cycle of poverty.

Scholarships, Vocational Curriculum, Alumni Classes: Continued support for StepUp participants is available to help move these people toward stable, life-sustaining futures for themselves and their children.

Volunteers: StepUp Ministry offers meaningful volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are trained to mentor adults and children. Depending upon your interest, you can choose weekly mentoring of adults or children through our Life Skills curriculum or serve through a number of other volunteer opportunities. Business owners and professionals may offer employment opportunities or professional services.

StepUp Staff: StepUp has a staff of 28 people, five of whom are StepUp graduates.
To learn more about StepUp Ministry or to become involved as a volunteer, please visit our website at or contact Steve Swayne, Executive Director - 781-0156, ext. 104.

Career Transitions - StepUp
Beginning Thursday, May 8, Career Transitions - StepUp meetings will move to St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 1520 Canterbury Road, Raleigh. Meetings will be on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in Parish Hall. Transitions will continue to provide regular weekly meetings featuring core topics covered by the volunteer leaders and outside experts, resume workshops, interview workshops, an online communications network, announcement of job listings, and a job skills inventory of participants provided to companies and staffing firms, plus individual interview preparation.

For details, please contact or visit the Career Transitions - StepUp website at

StepUp in the News
StepUp Reaches Down to Pull People Up - News and Observer, January 12, 2013