Workshops and Support Groups

Convinced that our bodies are our gift from God, the ways we care for our physical selves becomes as important as the ways we care for our spiritual selves. White Memorial's Health Ministries team sponsors a variety of education and support opportunities to encourage members and friends to care for their bodies.

Kicking It Down A Notch
Dietitian Kathleen Liebowitz and Donna Lupo team up to show you how to reduce fat, salt, sugar and calories without sacrificing flavor. Join us Wednesday, April 19 from 6:45-7:30 p.m. in Geneva Hall to learn more about healthy meal guidelines and recipe demonstration. Please register online by Monday April 17. Sponsored by WMPC Health Ministries Committee. Cancer Companions
Cancer Companions is a ministry dedicated to helping people on a cancer journey draw closer to Christ during their struggles. This includes those currently being treated for cancer, those post treatment, their loved ones, and their care givers. Cancer Companions offers nine week classes or one-on-one support. Check back here for the next nine week class. One-to-one support is ongoing year round. Cancer affects many people in our lives. Please consider joining WMPC's Cancer Companion Ministry and receive training on how to best support and encourage those dealing with this difficult time. For details, contact Jenny Finch or Jean Williams, Parish Nurse. Certification
Health Ministries sponsors CPR classes a couple of times a year.

CPR for Officers and Staff
We ask that as many officers of WMPC go through CPR/AED training as possible. We now have three automated Electronic Defibrillators( AED) on our campus and know that in emergencies being able to use them can SAVE LIVES! Please be a part of learning how to be trained for emergencies during activities at our church.