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500 Years of Reformation: 1517-2017
08.17.17 | Stories

Fourteen members from White Memorial Presbyterian Church went on a mission trip to Poland and Germany from May 10 through the 18 of this year to better understand and celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. In addition to spending...

    Bearing Witness to Resurrection
    05.02.17 | Stories

    We don’t call it a funeral. Nor do we call it a celebration of life. Rather, in our tradition, in the PC(USA) version of the Reformed tradition, we call it a Service of Witness to the Resurrection (WTR).

      Healthy Kid Kits Arrive in Haiti
      04.12.17 | Stories

      White Memorial members provided 900 Healthy Kid Kits to children in Haiti. Shipping items to Haiti was so problematic that a group of 11 members hand delivered the gift.

        Generosity as Devotion
        03.01.17 | Stories | by Christopher Edmonston

        Generosity, Devotion and Lenten Grace When we think of Lent, grace is not the first thing which comes to mind. Lent brings forward the practice of penitence. Lent calls us to consider our brokenness, our mortality, and our finitude. Sometimes...