White Memorial offers a number of opportunities for fellowship, support and Christian education for adults to enrich their faith journey.

Fellowship Opportunities

Caring Opportunities

Adult Faith Formation
Fall Classes and Schedules

Please join us for Adult Faith Formation! New classes begin September 9, 2018. Most classes meet September through May. For more information about Adult Faith Formation, contact Tracey Daniel.

Sunday Classes

All Sunday adult classes meet 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Biblical Studies and Theology

Christian Fellowship Class | Calvin 200
CFC will continue its emphasis on Bible study this fall, combining the books of Numbers and Joshua to tell of the journey of God’s people to the Promised Land. The class uses a lecture format. Handouts with the scripture and commentary are prepared and distributed. Visitors are always welcome. The class contact is Carol Vassey.

Cover to Cover | Calvin 302 | Monthly
This Bible study is designed to read the entire Bible in one calendar year. New members are welcome every month of the year. The class is oriented around the calendar year and meets on the first Sunday of the month. For more information about Cover to Cover, contact Jim Ferry.

Greatest Generation | Witherspoon 400
Composed primarily of senior adults, this is a loving and faithful community open to anyone. The study vehicle is the quarterly resource The Present Word, which explores the biblical text and invites relationship with God. A rotating group of class members moderate the class each week. The class contact is Gary Mock.

Searchers | Calvin 204
This is a small group Bible study that uses a DVD based curriculum. The class is made up of a mix of singles and couples. Searchers will be studying Dr. Mickey Efird’s video series on the Psalms this fall. The group shares prayer requests, service opportunities and social gatherings. Contacts are Betty Landes and Louise Eaglesfield.

Theological Forum | Knox 302
Relating scripture to current issues is the heart of this class and is intended to help participants gain a better understanding of their own views on faith. Come and enjoy the fellowship that comes with these thought-provoking discussions and learn a little bit more about yourself. Drop-ins are always welcome. For more information about the class contact Flo Durway.

Age and Stage Studies

Aging Well | Chapel | 3rd Sundays
If you are an adult child of an aging parent this class is designed to support you. Liisa Ogburn, WMPC member and twice/week writer on aging issues for “Aging Well” on WRAL, will facilitate and bring in local experts to share information and wisdom on topics of interest that class members choose at the first class, September 16, 2018. Please email Liisa with questions.

Parents of Youth | Calvin 300
This is a group of parents of any age youth (late elementary through high school) who come together to support each other in “raising our children in our faith and helping them develop their faith.” Through group discussion with rotating leadership the group searches for answers to parenting questions. Drop-ins are welcome. Class contacts are and Cliff Britt.

P.A.R.K. | Calvin 301
Presbyterians Actively Raising Kids is a discussion group for parents of children mainly 5th grade and younger. The study topics vary and each week there is a new topic for discussion. The conversations focus on strengthening faith of parents and children. Class leader is Anna Townsend.

Topical Studies

Faith Foundations | Knox 301
This class focuses on personal faith by discussing Scripture and current events through a contemporary lens. The class is for those open to “be encouraged and challenged to the work of developing a mature faith that is not afraid of new concepts, unresolved questions, and the ultimate mystery of God.” Class leaders are Susan Hibbert and John White.

Knox Class | Knox 300
Knox is a discussion class that covers a variety of topics. Sometimes the class uses The Wired Word resource which examines a current event through the lens of faith. New members are welcome at any time. The class contact is Harriet Worley.

Spiritual Practices | Calvin 303
This class discusses topics with a focus on the New Testament as well as other books relating to living out faith. After reading the assignment, typically everyone participates in the open discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. It is a small class and is open to new participants of any age. The class contact is Emily McNair.

TNT – Thirties and Thereafter | Calvin 304
Join this group of loving, open and faithful individuals focused on study, but also very involved in service through the church and in the community. The class style usually involves group discussion through shared leadership on biblically-based and topical studies. All are welcome. The class contact is Linda Robinson.

Walking with God | Calvin 203
If you are looking for Christian education, fellowship, prayer support and community, this class is for you. The class consists of a small but committed core group, looking to grow in faith and numbers. All are welcome. The class contact is Jane Howard.

Midweek Classes

All classes listed welcome new members. Most midweek classes will begin the week after Labor Day.


Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study | 7 a.m. | Geneva
Men of all ages are invited to come for a hot breakfast, fellowship and Bible study at 7:00 a.m. The preaching pastor of the week leads a short Bible study related to the upcoming Sunday sermon. Bible study, breakfast and prayer conclude promptly at 8:00 a.m. each week. Contact for the group is Don Thompson.

Women’s Breakfast & Study 7 a.m. | Knox 100
Women of all ages are invited to come for a hot breakfast, fellowship, study and prayer at 7:00 a.m. This group of women studies the Presbyterian Women’s Bible lesson once a month and on other weeks they study a variety of topics including Christian books and Bible studies. All participants are invited to stay as long as they like or to leave early for work or other commitments. The group contacts are Susan Allen and Miriam Dorsey.

God Talk | 9:30-11 a.m. Witherspoon 400
God Talk is a women’s bible study led by Grier Richards. This group discusses various biblical stories and their historical context and incorporates outside sources into the conversation. God Talk is accessible to newcomers and regular attendees. The class contact is Angie Faulk.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study | Oct 2-Nov 20
10:30 a.m.-noon | Calvin 301
This study involves daily Bible readings and weekly group discussions led by Tracey Daniel. Most studies last 8 to 12 weeks. The fall 2018 study is Living the Covenant. Covenant relationships are rooted in longing: a desire for unconditional love, intimacy and fidelity. The class leader is Tracey Daniel.


Bible Belles | Wednesday mornings (except the 1st Wednesday of each month)
9:30 a.m. | A member’s home
Bible Belles is a reading and discussion group comprised primarily of senior adult women. They meet each Wednesday during the Sunday School year except the 1st Wednesday of each month. New members are welcome. The class contact is Gail Smith.

Young Adult
Wednesday Fellowship every Wednesday
7-8 p.m. | Calvin 102
This is a fun and dynamic group that offers several different formats for young adults to explore faith and meet new people. The leader of the class, Robert Galloway, invites you to “Come for the fellowship and stay for the discussion.” The class contact is Robert Galloway.


Lilies of the Field
Thursday mornings
9:30-10:30 a.m. | Calvin 301
For over 20 years, this discussion group of women of all ages has studied the Bible and other Christian books. In Lilies’ participants grow in their understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ through supporting, encouraging, challenging and comforting one another. Women of all ages are welcome. Nursery care is available and reservations can be made here. Class leaders are Lillian Poole and Candy Lewis.

Thursday Morning Bible Study | 9:30-11 a.m. Witherspoon 400
This small co-ed group focuses on biblically-based topics through discussion format. Various books and/or DVD courses are selected and used during the year. New members welcome. Class coordinator is Nancy McLean.